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Stephanie Seymour’s Doing Some Modeling of the Day

Stephanie Seymour is not as disgusting as you’d expect some washed up groupie who banged a lot of rockstars in the early 90s, before having a bunch of kids and failed marriages…that you can assume involved a whole lot of drugs and self destruction…..leading to her recent revival….where she rebuilt herself from the ground up with the help of her plastic surgeon…and you know what….I’m glad she did cuz aging gracefully is hard to jerk off to but this Stephanie Seymour….is lovely…

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  • Diamond Godde$$!!!

    Look at the photoshop they had to do on that gunt.
    (Compare this photo to the photos of her in a bikini the other day…’nuff said!)

    Do you make the hookers you F “pray to Jesus”? LOLs.
    And do they get the play on words?
    (Jus’ wonderin’.)

  • XYZ

    its not even her