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Amanda Bynes Did this to her Face of the Day

Amanda Bynes is my kind of crazy girl…but only because she’s got long legs and great tits that she shows off because she likes to put herself out there….it is all part of her mentally unstable breakdown that has lead to getting her in trouble with the law for being on drugs and drunk…and driving….in what some people say is a cry for attention and that I just say is a lot of fun…because whenever you find a teen star who was exploited by her parents who can’t get work….and who people stop caring about…trying to find herself…you get a good time…it is like they are going through the teen rebellion they would have gone through if they weren’t too busy being puppeteered by their parents for cash…..so seeing her pierce her face like some 14 year old at the mall…makes me happy…it’s that regressive teen angst in her 20s that leads to a lot of fun….and now all I need is to join her entourage….seriously…

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  • Joe

    so when she takes a load in her mouth, will it go spraying out that little hole?

  • Rosarch

    LMAO Joe, I was thinking the same thing.

  • biker mike

    every since mileys bo and amanda’s ex Liam Hemsworth dumped her, she has been a mess, she took it hard, and never recovered, this thing looks like a big zit