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Ginger Spice Sings in a Bra of the Day

For those of you who don’t remember Geri Halliwel, she was a stripper, nude model, turned Spice Girl who got fired from being a stepGIRL….with red hair and a pretty fit body…and rockin’ tits….and I guess you can’t teach old dogs new tricks…and with the advent of Social Media…her true colors of being a tart who shows off her huge tits for attention and a bit of money….is ingrained in who she is at her core…that now given the opportunity to reach a broad audience with a camera phone…comes this bra wearing busty 90 year old in the studio singing…cuz that’s what she does…..and I’m not complaining…I just wish there was more diddling…

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  • Drew

    Why the fuck wasn’t this attention seeking piece of trash on that London helicopter crash?

  • AntAttack

    I have to agree with Drew