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Maria Menounos Gets Her Ass Fixed of the day

Maria Menounos had a wardrobe malfunction….a word or term I fucking hate using cuz it makes me feel like some candy coated poptart sucking piece of shit gossip blog….you see I prefer the biker approach to life “bitch got her pants ripped cuz of all the ass fucking her greek ass is into”….you know play on the fact that they aren’t sewing her dress back together…but her asshole because in Greece the asshole is the main vagina…the one you use when you’re not trying to make babies….but reality is her dress split, she had a team with a sewing kit, instead of giving the paparazzi a story, like she was Tara Reid…she dealt with it herself using social media…and he’s what it looked like….mocking yourself is always cute.

Who is Maria Menounos again and why does she matter?

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  • Joe

    i don’t care for Maria.. she’s almost on the same fame whoring level as the Kardashians are.