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Katie Price Topless on the Beach of the DAy

So apparently OG Glamour model Jordan…who really wasn’t OG at all…Since these trashy topless models have been around forever and aren’t really going anywhere…she was just part of one of the most recent revivals of the “art” of getting stupid implants and letting people take pics of them….because they are so freakish and fun….go remarried….and she honeymooned the only way she should….showing off her stupid as fuck implants that have made her a multi millionaire numerous times over….tanning topless….even if having tits this fake…even when topless….is like wearing a shirt…or at least a novelty set of tits from the costume store….but I’ll still mark it NSFW…cuz they are weird and shouldnt be stared at directly…

All this to say…I miss Peter Andre or whatever the last ex husband was…that gay was hilarious….

Remember people, topless or not, Jordan doesn’t matter.

To See the Rest of the Pics

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  • shitdick

    her face and ugly tits are ridiculous. Nothing appealing at all about this used up haggard whore with plastic lips and tits. Dime a dozen.