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Daisy Fuentes Rockin’ Swimsuit on the Beach

Daisy Fuentes is an icon to the Miami Cuban community….she is one of the few who has made it in American hosting such important things like America’s Funniest People….which as far as the Cubans are concerned is the equivalent of winning a fucking oscar…because they are a simple people…and just happy to not be in cuba…that when they see one of their own on that magical TV…it’s blows them the fuck away….almost as much as Coca Cola….or real Ketchup….and all the other things they’ve been deprived of being Cuban…

She’s the Sofia Vergara of America….only less successful, because as you know Cuba is no Colombia….She’s 46, she’s been at this for a long time, she’s posing in a bathing suit like it was the 90s, and she looks good doing it…as much as I hate encouraging old lady to produce bathing suit erotica….

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