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Miranda Kerr in some Wedding Lingerie Catalog Shots of the Day

As much as I hate the idea of marriage and pregancy and family and commitment thanks to my horrible wife..and the life sentence she is…I really don’t mind looking at or even fucking other people’s wives…because I can tell how miserable they are in their situation and I don’t mind being so bad in bed with them to bring them hope in their old life and realize “hey, it’s not so bad with this asshole, compared to that Jesus Martinez motherfucker”….I am so good at it…I could start a marriage counseling company where my sole job is to fuck a dudes wife to make her love him again….but apparently it’s illegal to do that….

That said, here’s Miranda Kerr in some tacky, trashy, marriage lingerie…or lingerie you put a girl in to role play wedding night….god knows why you’d do that…cuz I hear that’s normally the last blowjob a man gets….

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