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Nicole Richie Hard Nipple Implants of the Day

Do you remember Nicole Richie? I know she barely matters…but many years ago I hung out with Nicole Richie and she fucking hated me….it was back when she had just had her gastric bipass, after her Simple Life TV Show,

Since then, she has blocked me on her social media and a lasting friendship with an unwanted adopted by a rich guy drug addict pig with a bad attitude cuz she always felt inadequate about not being wanted by her own mom thing….wasn’t formed….

But that doesn’t mean we can’t stare at her hard nipple implants, it is what she wants us to do, cuz if you remember her fat years, her tits weren’t even this big, or this round, if anything they were some uneven fucking mess…

I am glad that she’s spent some of her fake daddy’s money on sorting that out…and I support that….even if it is the only decent thing she’s ever done…..you know being a pile of shit and all….

I know – her implants are nothing new…but her hard nipples in a black shirt are….and here’s the pic of the monkey faced troll rockin’ em…

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