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Cintia Dicker for SI Swimsuit of the Day

I like Cintia Dicker…even if I am one of the only ones…cuz she’s been in the game a long time…but only has 5,000 followers on twitter….meaning I am more famous than her….if your idea of fame is how many twitter followers you have….which my happens to be my idea of fame…cuz that’s all I have….

Cintia Dicker is a bikini and lingerie model…all red headed and exciting to me, someone who has never had sex with a red head, but who has always wanted to, because orange pubic hair, despite making me sick to my stomach in High School, is something I covet…and need to experience before I die…because I have realized that hating on a pussy hair color is just crazy….while all pussy hair deserves to be treated equal…and not fear being grown out..because society says you must be dark or not the color of an orange….contrasting weirdly against a bright pink pussy….in what would clash horribly if it was a pant and jacket…..but it isn’t and I want it…and here she is awesome for SI….even if she has no nipples…it is the Christian way.

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  • bud bundy

    She is so flip pin hot

  • Dick Cheney

    I’d dick her