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Joanna Krupa for Esquire’s Me in my Place of the Day

Joanna Krupa is some hot bodied gutter bullshit from the early 2000s who has been trying so hard to make it since the early 2000s because I guess she knew she was some hot bodied bullshit then…and watching her struggle was entertaining…she did every low budget photoshoot in fucking town…just hoping to get a fan base with those implants she spent 3 summers washing cars to get….before becoming internationally famous on Dancing with the Stars when she wasn’t even a star, which led to Real Housewives of Miami….you know just sucking from the bottom….and it finally paid off, even most people would find her career a joke, she feels like she’s finally made it…and at a good time cuz she must be 40 by now….

So here she is being an hooker/stripper/pornstar who never was for Esquire…what a waste….but at least she looks good….

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