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Rosie Jones is Awesome for Page 3 of the Day

A day is not complete unless I post a set of titty pics of some Glamour model…who is, despite popular belief, not an actual model, but some average at best looking girl with huge tits she’s willing to show off in front of a camera, which I guess in and of itself makes her an actual model, since she gets paid for this shit, but I just consider her a stripper using a different medium to pay the rent and get her great tits out there….and one of the more popular of these not real models who act like they are top models cuz of all the mail attention they get…is this Rosie Jones chick….and here she is for Page 3….in all her titty model glory….that you can’t help but love even if for the comedic aspect of all this…

There’s a video….if you want it….

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