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Jennifer Lawrence for Dior of the Day

It is the Oscars on Sunday….and I won’t be there…because I wasn’t nominated for anything this year…or really ever….which is a good thing…since it is the only thing I have in common with Lindsay Lohan…and it gives us something to talk about the next time I lure her into hanging out with me….which may only be when the world has totally forgotten about her….but luckily that’s how I like all my women….

Jennifer Lawrence is the big star of the show, everone is watching her, and the people at Dior Miss Dior Handbags jumped up on this shit hard and fast…like a rapist who heard the police coming.

She’s dressed 50s glam, something we know she’s not, she’s covering her tits, and these pics are a waste of your time….and that’s why I am posting them…

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  • Travis

    Well my time is fucking precious you cunt!

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