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Victoria Justice Has Sex with Sponge Bob of the Day

I know that many dudes have probably already jerked off to this pic of Victoria Justice dry humping Sponge Bob Square Pants…like a dog on a stuffed toy…..and even more disturbing….is the fact that at least one of those dudes wasn’t jerking off because Victoria Justice was in the pic…but he was jerking off cuz his fetish is Spongebob…..and that people….is what makes this world a creepy fucking place….people be getting off to all kinds of shit…and I’m totally into documenting it….I like to contribute to the problems of the world….it’s just me doing my part…

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  • Eric

    This stuff is great keep posting victoria stuff

  • Phillip McCracken

    your doing a great job documenting how trully annoying she and her “my face deserves to be smacked” face well. shes contributing to the problems of the world by getting up everyday and NOT pulling a budd dwyer