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Vanessa Hudgens Rockin’ Serious Cleavage for Cosmo of the Day

Vanessa Hudgens is on her promo tour for Springbreakers, which she is probably hoping will be a careeer changer for her, giving her more opportunity to work in more edgy, serious, exciting, naked roles….cuz being some Disney High School Musical tart is hard to live down…even after releasing underage nude pics…the world felt she was victimized….cuz that’s how her handlers handled it….instead of grasping that it was nothing more than a call for attention….to say…I’ don’t have mouse ears for a vagina…sure it’s a fuzzy little thing that looks like it could be a rodent…but it’s not….it’s slutty and it is mine…pay attention to me….

Here she is in Cosmo or some other magazine…showing some cleavage and dry humping whatever it is she’s dry humping and she looks pretty fucking awesome to me….I’m a fan of this kind of behavior…

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  • shitdick

    one pic? with 2 inches of B cup cleavage? STFU and post some real tits or just kill yourself.