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Mila Kunis Pantsless for Allure of the Day

Mila Kunis is alright….isn’t she? Who cares who’s dick she puts inside her unprotected…that she will likely marry…and have kids with…none of that matters….because she’s just pictures and videos to us….pictures and videos we should all collectively try to get pregnant by throwing our load at our computer screens…hoping for some technological glitch…like the movie Weird Science…

Seriously…she’s pretty fucking good….in this allure photoshoot….despite all the flaws in her and her personality…and her sex life and public image….because none of that affects us…but her pictures do….and I want to impregnate them…..

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  • Is it just me? Or does her head look, like, ENOURMOUS???

  • Phillip McCracken

    OMFG with this retro cunt already. someone please tell her her whole fucking schitick when out with the 60’s?

  • roscoe

    Nope Asshat Doucener ruined her forever. No longer at all hot. Giant head, yes.

  • AntAttack

    I agree, she has a fucking huge Mardi Gras head. Tits need to be twice as big to be in proportion.

  • SlapHappy

    Yeah, big ass head. I don’t get it with her. She is ok, but nothing special. That voice is like nails on a chalk board.

  • jeff


  • cowbulls

    She looks like she has given too many blowjobs. Her head has expanded from all the pounding.