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Christina Milian Tweets Some Ass Pics on Springbreak of the Day

Christina Milian is my kind of single mother, recent divorcee, who has tried the playing house traditional shit….but who would much rather go wild on Spring Break like she was still 21…leaving the baby with the nanny, and spending the ex husband, who writes songs for Bieber’s money, going nuts…shooting off pics of her ass and her friend’s ass…in what is typical spring break booty party….in a generation that is booty obsessed…all to let her ex know what’s he’s missing, despite probably fucking three hotter versions of this girl at the same time as she took these pics, cuz that’s just how groupies work…..while she’s just lookin’ desperate while lookin’ like a bad mother….too old to be doing this shit…and for some reason, that’s fucking porn to me….

To See Her Cellulite in a Bikini in a WHole Lot of Pics

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  • Rokan

    Who’s ass is she tweeting, her grandmother’s?

  • Rosarch

    What a nasty, disgusting tattoo. How could anyone fuck her from that back and not want to throw up looking at that shit tattoo?

  • Jimmy

    I know that her ass stinks just by looking at it. Yuck.

  • cowbulls

    Poster girl for being a dirty leg.