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Charlie Webster the UK’s Hottest Sports Reporter for FHM of the Day

I was just emailed this story, from someone I can only assume is on FHM’s struggling PR team….trying to save the sinking ship….

Apparently, this is Charlie Wesbter and she is the UK’s hottest sports presenter, and she’s gone on to do FHM, possing off her bosses and colleagues in what must be a fucking lie to get attention to a girl I’ve never heard of, and assume you haven’t heard of either….

You see, we live in the internet generation, where everyday girls have cell phones with cameras, and both they and their boyfriends have access to porn. On nights when they aren’t together, but want to be together, they do this thing called sexting…which usually involves girls trying to outdo their guy’s favorite porno scene. Meaning they go hard.

I mean I just have a fucking website and I get girls sending me pics of beer bottles in their assholes while covered in cum and squirting….you know recreationally.

Making me think that anyone caring about a sexy FHM shoot, that is fully clothed, is all part of the master PR plan that involved and FHM shoot in the first place…


I mean look ather, I feel like the chance any boss would care about an FHM shoot, especially in the UK where all girls are topless in magazines, are slim to fucking none. Even if this FHM shoot was gaping asshole porn from her summer vacation. No one would care. But I’ll role with it and post the pics because I’m a team player and got nothing better to do …

Here’s the video. Safe enough for Youtube. That’s the only upsetting thing in all this.

I just can’t believe these magazines still exist…but I’m glad Charlie Webster does. I’d let her read sports pages to my dick with her vagina any day.

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  • Heywood

    If this horse-faced twat is the UK’s hottest sports presenter I don’t even want to know what the rest of them look like.

  • Dude

    She’s fuckin gorgeous! And great body!