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Boring Joanna Krupa Photoshoot of the Day

What the fuck is this bullshit. When I see a hooker like Joanna Krupa posing for a photoshoot. I expect her to play the fucking hooker part that she is. I mean she built her career on her fake tits, and that’s what I’m fucking here for.

I don’t fucking care that this cunt has gone on to revolutionary things like Dancing with the Stars…making her a huge fucking celebrity, all accomplished enough to get on another piece of shit show that only matters because society is fucked……

So I’m really not into supporting her not spreading her legs or milking those hooker tits, even if the implants have made milking impossible, as they do sometimes.

I don’t need to see this trash on her way to the country club, dressed like a Gold Girl….

I need smut. Step your game up Krupa. You are a piece of fucking garbage. Act like it.

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