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Vanessa Hudgens High School Musical Song $$$ex of the Day

This is horrible.

I guess part of the Vanessa Hudgens contract with Spring Breakers was that she’d show her little pudgy body naked, even though she’s been naked in pictures before, if they let her have the theme song, that turns out to be a huge pile of shit, not that you’d expect anything more from a low level, Disney High School Musical star, that grew up so disconnected from what is good, that all she knows is brought to her by executives with contracts in hand.

But I’m posting it anyway.You know, cuz she’s so edgy and inspiring. Breaking down walls and innovating with the same recycled shit we’ve heard before.

Keep trying pudgens.

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  • Rosarch

    Wow this is awful. Based on this video alone, I can see why this movie made no money. Atrocious.