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Christina Milian Modeling Bikinis of the Day

I find it kinda funny, especially after seeing CHRISTINA MILIAN’S FAT SLOPPY CELLULITE RIDDEN MOM ASS IN A BIKINI , that any brand, even the lowest level brand that is probably owned by one of her friends, calling on her celebrity as a favor, because it will help launch his collection of bikinis, would ask her to be one of their models, but then I am reminded there is photoshop and really when touched up, this Christina Milian has a bit of sex appeal, it’s not like Roseanne or Precious’ best friend asking them for a favor to model half naked to help get the name out there, although part of me wishes it was, you see precious in a bikini or lingerie, as scary as it might be, would be fucking comedy gold.

Here’s Milian, bikini-ing.

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  • Rosarch

    Thank god they photoshopped that shitty tattoo of hers out of these pictures.