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Adrienne Curry Nipples for Twitter of the Day

Adrienne Curry is the fucking devil. I can’t stand the bitch and not just because she told me off on twitter once, in fact that is the only redeeming quality that latch-on failure of a human had.

She’s a bottom feeder. Fame hungry and willing to try whatever it takes to get more famous. From reality shows to marriage to a guy on The Brady Bunch, to social media that she started with the suggestive pics on, then the cosplay shit to target the nerds cuz they are loyal, then booking gigs at comicon and shit to this nipples on her fake tits that I am sure she’s shown before but that are a good sign that the sex tape is around the fucking corner. She’s that kind of Hollywood trash, they walk the streets, envy the actual famous and try fucking hard to one day get there, in the most simplistic show your fucking tits cuz no one else wants to pay you to see them way.

She’s a high paid escort who found an alternative way to prostitute herself and I’ll encourage that behavior, even if I’d rather see pics of her getting hit by a fucking bus.

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  • deez nuts

    Tell me how you really feel about her….