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Taylor Momsen Panty Flash of the Day

I kinda love Taylor Momsen. She was on a hit show, said fuck it, like a typical child star who doesn’t appreciate how lucky she is, and decided to live her dream while she had the opportunity as a rock and roll star, in what is so fucking weird when you think about it, but that you probably don’t ever think about it, cuz it’s Taylor Momsen, she’s over 18 now, and that rebellion slutty teen shit doesn’t work. I mean it did at the time, everyone loved how half naked and scandalous she was, but as soon as she turned 18, she didnt matter, and for that reason alone I am posting this panty flash for old times, because panty flashes always fucking matter, at any age…even if they aren’t as hyped up, because when panty flashes happen I am reminded of Taylor Momsen, a bitch I’d otherwise forget existed, despite having all the things I like in a girl….legs and a pussy….but still wish this was Taylor Swift spreading her asshole….because she’s the only Taylor that really matters right now.

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  • Damn dude stop that annoying gif crap.

  • cowbulls

    Is it still a panty flash if no one wants to see it?

  • AntAttack

    What the fuck has she got on down there? The zooming in on her hairy arms and old woman’s hands is hilarious.