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Tamara Ecclestone for Playboy of the Day

I don’t have the nude pics of Tamara Ecclestone from Playboy, and even if I did, I probably wouldn’t post them, because Playboy has this asshole army of lawyers that cause a lot of headaches when you borrow their pictures to promote their magazine and encourage people to buy it like it was the 60s and you had little to no option but to buy the magazine if you wanted to see titties.

I don’t really care about Tamara Ecclestone and her fake tits, I mean other than the obvious, “She’d nice to K-Fed cuz she’s a Billionaire with Daddy Issues and that could be fun”. You know the kind of girl who has everything, can have everything but still feels empty inside.

So broken than instead of limiting her nudity to all night coke fueled orgies, she’s taken it to Playboy, and not for the money of the exposure, you see as socialite, people know who she is. She’s strictly doing this to get male attention.

There’s something pretty erotic about that. You know when gutter single drug addict moms strip, it’s expected, but when you find out a little pervert rich girl with a college degree is doing it for fun, that’s a whole other caliber of lap dance. This is the magazine version.

That said, when I get the nude pics, they’ll be posted.

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