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The Tamara Ecclestone Playboy Pics if You Care of the Day

Playboy are insane, not because of their horrible choice in girls to feature in their magazines, I mean even their Playmates are on some gutter level, unlike the prestige and hotness they once had. I mean there was a time when celebs would line up to be in this shit, but those days are long gone….now, like all print magazines, they bottom feed.

Playboy are insane, because of their legal team, who I am sure will email me in an hour to takes these down.

Who knows, maybe they’ll even sue.

Which is funny, considering these Tamara Ecclestone, billionaire heiress naked is so not worth even noticing, the only semi-interesting thing about it is the psychology of a girl who has everything, getting naked on because the one thing she wants is attention and to be seen as a sex symbol, cuz you can’t buy that shit….

I’m just bummed you can only see a little lip, I like my pussy with spread asshole

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  • cowbulls

    I wonder if their is a stop sign or a yield sign in there.