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Kim Kardashian Pregnant See Through of the Day

I would say that it is in typical Kim Kardashian attention seeking behavior to wear a see through dress to an activity she called the paparazzi to take pictures of, because she likes when she’s in the tabloids, it gets her TV shows and endorsement deals and all that good stuff, and she knows, being from a porn background, the way to get noticed.

I am sure attention is something I am sure she craves now more than ever, being all fat, hormonal, pregnant, while the baby daddy wants nothing to do with her and hangs in Paris while she goes through it not getting fucked or support, even if the whole baby is a publicity stunt to begin with, but at least there will be nannies to raise it and a grandmother to continue to exploit it, unless one day the Kardashians lose their mind and kill each other off like they should.

But what isn’t like Kim Kardashian is that she’s actually wearing underwear, you know because she’s usually about that vagina exposing life.

I guess it’s a matter of functionality, the underwear keeps the baby from falling out of her loose battered pussy, you know escaping the hell life he is about to be brought into for horrible selfish reasons.

Because you know, deep in that uterus is a creature plotting his escape/suicide, because no one wants Kim Kardashian as a mom…except maybe some of you perverts who just want to breast feed off her big old tits, just to see if she lactates butter like her body would suggest.


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  • ibyte69

    Would you please do the world a fucking favor and quit posting this fat cunt attached to ankles?? She’s a fucking pig that was whored out by her pig mom for fame and cash. That’s all, carry on