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Amanda Bynes Not In My Kid of Gym Clothes of the Day

I usually prefer when girls go to the gym dressed in booty shorts and a shorts bra, you know to really not let any clothing get in the way of their deep fucking squats, so that after they are sweating and digusting, I can pretty much make out their entire vagina and ass definition, because you know what it turns me the fuck on. Almost enough to join a gym, but that would be crazy.

Amanda Bynes, despite her level of awesome, doing her Andy Kaufman crazy fuck with the public through twitter because they talk about her, would do better if her gym clothes were a lot less Muslim. I mean shit, she looks like this OCD woman who I see walking around my apartment who wears 8 layers of clothes, a hood, a scarf to cover her face, gloves, like she’s Michael Jackson and allergic to the sun, and they’re very little erotic in that.

I mean Bynes has a body that needs to be more scandalous, but I’ll still try jerking off to these, you know to challenge my jerking off skills, next leveling it.

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