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Kate Moss is Naked for St Tropez Tanning Products of the Day

40 something year old Kate Moss is now the body for some tanning products, but instead of really bringing the Kate Moss I like to see, you know all naked for the paparazzi like she doesn’t give a fuck, because she doesn’t give a fuck, being exposed is kinda what made her and is all part of her rockstar attitude….but she did this staged nudity shit, that it blockin’ out the bits that matter, like her really long nipples and thick bush , at 40, is still better than nothing, but maybe I’m just bias cuz I think Kate Moss and her dirty well traveled vagina were sent here from heaven to make the world a better place…filled with Pete Doherty shared needle, unprotected groupie sex, unshowered and homosexual penis shrapnel….which is far more disgusting than it looks in Tanning product pictures…

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  • cowbulls

    Not worth the infection risk.