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Olivia Sprauer aka Victoria V. James is a Bikini Model and Fired Teacher of the Day

Olivia Sprauer aka Victoria V. James is some fake titty teacher who was moonlighting as a bikini model / topless model….who got fired from being a teacher because I guess the slut moms who let guys cum in them in order to make annoying babies don’t respect women who their baby daddies would rather fuck teaching their annoying autistic babies….

Here are a bunch of her “modeling” pics….her fake titty bikini modeling career, that I am pretty sure won’t be taking her major places or really going anywhere after all this press.

She’s just one of those fake titty, barmaid looking, cheesy chicks who hangs with dudes on steroids with tribal tattoos, who think she’s hot and is willing to get half naked to feel hot….There are so many girls like this….and they usually work for free.

This publicity is not going to land her in Victoria’s Secret…. but it may get her into porn….I mean she looks the part…I guess dreams can come true when you crave male attention and fail at your “safe” “normal” job….

I would pay her 10,000 dollars to shoot a porn for me….maybe I’ll need to wait til we get a little closer to rent day to make that magic happen. You know when she’s a little more desperate and my micropenis fetish porn doesn’t leave her feeling too damaged and degraded….

ALl this to say, when I was in school, my teachers were busted old ladies, I wish I had access to this kind of pussy to get random spontaneous boners to while doing math….

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  • Mslice

    I hope she got fired. She’d be the next pedo teach fucking underage boys.

  • Superman

    The tats should have been the dead giveaway not to hire that slut. It should be on every teacher’s application. Do you have tats that indicate you have daddy issues?

  • TLD

    The “author” of this article and the two idiots who commented are disgusting. All three of you know that if this woman approached you in a bar you’d turn into drooling fucktards.

    Don’t pretend you’re at all superior to her. Let’s be real…

    Disgraced teacher with topless photos is still more honorable and less embarrassing than being an internet blogger.

    And she’s certainly got more going for her than the two caveman who commented.