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Mariah Carey’s Motorcycle Erotica of the Day

I have heard that older chicks love riding motorbikes because they make them cum. All the machinery, adrenaline, vibrations just hit their tired vaginas better than any man could, you know since it’s some massive hitachi magic wand, with more than just a plug in, with it’s massive engine….but usually biker chicks are disgusting, and the idea of their soaked through panties disgusts me, you know because their tattooed up, white trash tattoos scare me….

But for some reason, seeing mom Mariah making a comeback in her 40s, like she was 20, dressed in skimpy clothes, doing twerks, simulating orgasm and grinding up on the motorbike, isn’t as fat or aggressive as I’d think, and she’s actually lookin’ hot…and that just weirds me out.

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