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Heather Graham in Maxim of the DAy

There was a time, around 10-15 years ago, when Heather Graham was not 45 fucking years old….

You know, when she was Rollergirl, all heavy set tits and nice thick 70s bush for her breakout role as a pornstar in Boogie Nights…….

Now sure, at 43, she’s still got it going on, but I don’t understand why she’d be out doing photoshoots, when she could just re-release her old shit. It’s like we don’t need a new Heather Graham set of pics, she had her time, she did what she had to do, she’s got enough money to retire and fade away gracefully.

We have archive footage of her at her prime and I don’t see the point in documenting her aging or demise, even if she’s better than most 43 year olds…because at 43 in Hollywood, even if you still look good in a bikini, you might as well be 100 fucking years old.

But I guess Maxim is struggling and has nothing else going on, so they gotta do what they gotta do to stay afloat, kinda like Heather Graham, reliving the glory days of 1998.

Menopause is never hot….


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  • LostSoul

    Seriously? Seriously!

    What was your nickname in school, Short Eyes?!?!?

    Just cause a woman is over the age of 21, doesn’t make them a candidate for the old folks home!

    Heather has one other hottest bodies around! And, if it’s still that hot in her 40s…DAAYUM!

    You need to stop hanging round the school yards and take a look at what a real woman looks like…Sucka!

  • Mick

    Would do anything for this woman. She is a woman in all ways.