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Amanda Bynes is Amazing of the Day

Hollywood is filled with suck up bitches. The whole industry is about sucking dick and smiling through it even if you don’t like sucking dick. It’s all part of getting ahead while giving head so that your head isn’t blacklisted from the elite group of losers the public think are more important or cooler than they actually are….

These are the most fake people around. They are rich and famous living life of glamour for being fucking liars….

They are -despite what they want us to think and despite what all evidence points to….still human and despite the smiles on their plastic robot faces. they actually hate each other, resent each other and are jealous of each other and talk shit about each other. Just not publicly. Cuz they are pussies.

So it is refreshing to see Amanda Bynes, my favorite little childstar, make what some would consider INSANE statements about Rihanna, but that I consider comedic. Because I have no soul. I am not convinced Rihanna was beat by Chris Brown and think it was all a PR lie and I Don’t know maybe he did beat her cuz she’s ugly, at least ugly on the inside.

Now, I may find Rihanna hot but that’s more to do with her hooker roots and all the exhibitionism….I am blinded by her whore behavior ..but that doesn’t mean Chris brown didn’t beat her because she wasn’t ugly.

I think Amanda Bynes calling her out, is all part of why I love me some Amanda Bynes. She’s amazing and unlike everyone else in Hollywood, doesn’t give a fuck, and that turns me on.

Here is Rihanna’s weak comeback, but I mean you’d expect it to be weak, since she dropped out of school at 10 to be a hooker you see today!


Update – Amanda Bynes deleted her posts. I hate people who backtrack. But I’m still on Team Bynes.

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  • Joe

    New York City hasnt had such a great gansta since John Gotti. Its been nothing but boring asshole hipsters and yuppies movin in.
    I love you Amanda !!!