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Hayden Panettiere in Her Bikini of the Day

In case you didn’t realize, since you have no job, friends or family, and all you have is the internet and Role Playing Games, it’s Memorial Day…

To some, it is the first day of summer, the internation day for the BBQ, the day girls bust out their bikinis…because it seems like everyone is in their fucking bikinis, including Hayden Panettiere…

Making it the official first day of the year for a titty implant reveal…you know all other new implant titty reveals before today were just practice for today….

So here she is having fun with her new friends….

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  • cowbulls

    IF and it’s impossible, Hayden had longer legs she would be really hot.

  • Rosarch

    She is hot as fuck. Sexy little spinner.

  • John

    I bet that shit is so tight.

  • Derty Dan

    I’ll bet no one made it off that boat without getting a good, sloppy tongue lashing first. Including the ring-piece.