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Amanda Bynes Trampolines of the Day

Amanda Bynes is my favorite. I think she’s an amazing angel sent from heaven to make a mockery of the tabloids by giving them easy to digest content, you know, something to talk about, so middle America can act all shocked about her demise, when really it is all crafted and created with a master plan of amazing…and even if she is falling off the rails and actually crazy thanks to being raised in Hollywood it is fun to watch, especially when she’s at a trampoline center practicing her jumping in a wig, but let’s face it, that’s always fun, whether Bynes is involved or not…

Now all I need to do is figure out how to get her pregnant, or at least have her practice her jumping on my dick or face…or anything that can be used against her vagina.

Here’s some TMZ video of her pretending she doesn’t know where she is.

Or maybe you’re more into videos of a dudes jerking off on a pics of her….in the weirdest fetish ever. CLICK HERE (NSFW)

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