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Hayden Panettiere Does the Emily Ratakowski of the Day

In the event you don’t remember the unrated “Blurred Lines” video for a song by Alan Thicke Jr and Pharrell Williams, here it is:

Well, Hayden Panettiere, decided to jump into the mix and do some awkward dancing like my favorite set of tits I write poetry for, even though she pretends I don’t exist, as most people do with their creepy stalkers….

She tried to twerk….because twerking is the future of white people dances, even though the darks have been doing it forever…

And I’m into it, but only because it reminds me of the day Emily Ratatatatatatatakowski and I first met, I mean she wasn’t actually there, but pictures of her tits were, and it’s been pretty consuming ever since, I mean as consuming as an ADD ridden pervert who likes all pussy, can be….

It is about 3 minutes in.

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