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Jenny McCarthy for Carl’s JR of the Day

Jenny McCarthy is whoring out her big fake tits to promote some Carl’s Jr healthy choice, that is probably not healthy at all, because it is a fast food chain that is behind so many heart attacks, and I am pretty sure this Salad, despite seeming healthy, is probably thousands of calories of GMOed food…

I like that dude says “We’ve been a fan of Jenny’s since the 90s”…which is coincidentally the last time she was relevant…and not 100 fucking years old…

Seeing her trying to have sex with a salad like it was a cock and she was looking for more autistic semen…is interesting…but She irritates me when she does her funny, male accessible, clowning shit, like the kind of girl who burps and farts, and is loud and annoying, but has sex appeal when gagged and tied up in the basement on sedatives….like she’s always been, because I don’t mind her big stupid fake tits, even 2 decades later, cuz I’m easy like that and apparently Jenny McCarthy will do anything, if you tell her you want her to pretend she’s still a hot Playboy sex symbol…I feel like she didn’t even get paid for this…it was just “you think I still got it, let me in”…or maybe her people contacted their people and begged for this…either way, it happened!

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  • HorneyLohanWanker

    How many kids did this silly cow kill?

  • FunKiller

    I would still bang the stupid out of her….so hard.

  • roscoe

    Carl’s Jr causes autism.

  • cowbulls

    I consider her a true national treasure because she has let many a man have his way with that world class body.

  • mick

    give me a minute with her I would fix her