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Naya Rivera in a Bikini of the Day

I thought the whole basis of Glee was where the freaks got together and sang while the cool good looking people were out being cool and good looking…You know a way for losers to congregate and be social and fantasize about a celebrity that in real life would never happen, because ugly people, except maybe Lady Gaga, just don’t get famous. It is against the rules. No matter how good they sing and dance and turn pop songs into homo friendly Broadway show tunes, they are forced to work in community theater at night, after working their shitty menial job, and dreaming of what could have been if they were born someone else, while petting one of their many cats, before deciding to take destiny by the balls, and make a viral video that goes viral, forcing the evil entertainment industry to attach themselves to you, after slamming the door in your face so many times, because the public wants you now, and they figure they want to make money off you…That is the world we live in.

Not that I’ve ever seen Glee, or this Naya Rivera chcik, who is sexing things up with a tiny fit body and some fake lips to make her look sultry. I guess breaking free from that evil empire that is GLEE, where I assume she plays the hot chick, to do give boners with her weird belly button and youthful body to single men who have never seen the show. I appreciate that.


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  • Actually, this is why Glee is so evil and how they hooked me.

    She is the bi one, er I guess part of two, who makes out with the blonde cheerleader and then made out with the other blonde cheerleader who was straight & converted her.

    I wanted to hate that show, I did. Leah Michele makes me sick, but…chicks kissing.

    Although then they get to the parts where the gay guy makes out with the hot gay guy who has the huge female teen following and then you get to hate Glee all over again.