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Some 1977 Centerfolds of the Day

If you read the site, you will know a few things. The first is that I am an advocate for BUSH. It is actually a cause I hold dear to my heard and I feel the need to lobby the government as if it was OIL or Tobacco laws, because the death of bush has been one of the catalysts to the fall of society..

I’m the kind of guy who feels like the hormones in the food, the obesity crisis, and even global warming could all be curved if girls just stopped being like Kim Kardashian and hitting the waxing or laser shops, places I am going to target in my protest.

I like the eroticism of the 70s. Girls were less trashy, tits were more real, and one thing I love, is the public hair that was there to tickle my fucking throat….

So why not look at 1977 naked chicks to start the day….shit works for me.

Partially because these babes are probably all dead, or almost dead, making them all the hotter…cuz their nudes are timeless, they live on forever…

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