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Mos Def Force Fed Guantanamo Style of the Day

What better way to have a morning coffee, than to do it to a video of Mos Def getting forced fed like one of the prisoners in Guantanamo Bay, many are not even guilty of a crime, all are getting tortured in horrible conditions everyday because anything goes in Guantanamo, shit’s off American soil…

I am all for the protests to close this facility down…and I guess so is Mos Def, and he’s doing something awesome to get it out there.

UPDATE – Here are a couple young girls getting the Mos Def Feeding Tube without the theatrics…but Guantanamo Bay, despite its cool name, is still trouble…

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  • Reality Check

    Ask him to undergo the “Daniel Pearl” treatment next. See which one he prefers. Dumbass.