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Kate Moss Panty Flash Fail of the Day

For a model who would walk around day to day totally naked…this wind blowing up her skirt and not showing the world her bare ass is a fucking fail…I sit outside the local Starbucks and see this shit happen to girls of all ages and they are never quite as lucky….and they aren’t into showing their naked asses to the world because they are so open minded, free spirited, hippie models who everyone has already seen naked, yet for some reason, they’re fails are wins, and this Kate Moss characters fails are just fails…and I’m not even making reference to her battered, well traveled vagina, that I would like to lick like it was one of those jungle toads to see if I get high from all the remnants of her psychedelics…and rockstar aids…

Either way, fail or not, I’m a fan.

To see the rest of the pics FOLLOW THIS LINK

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  • HorneyLohanWanker

    That is not Kate Moss Beaner, I have spilled much seed to Ms. Moss and her smoking nipples, and I can assure you, bitch in exhibit A is not her.

  • xyz

    @HorneyLohanWanker – what did u smoke?