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Kate Moss Nipple Slip for some Campaign of the Day

Kate Moss still gets some work and as far as I’m concerned she is the only relevant model around. Even if she’s pushing 50 and a mom, probably has the most battered fucking vagina around, thanks to fucking a lot of people, many of them A-Listers, some of them rockstars, all of them with hundreds of unprotected sexual encounters under their belts, fascinating me, you know just out of curiosity, to taste what an old, used pussy tastes like when it isn’t a street whore, but rather a model worth millions. I am sure it’s all floral and fragrant and amazing…like fine wines and expensive creams and oils…but under that mask, or illusion, is pussy far worse than porn pussy…and that excites me…

I also like that she has bush, is into showing it off, and today all we’ve got are some behind the scenes pics from some campaign she did, that may or may not have nipple, but as far as I’m concerned do, not that her nipple is anything you haven’t seen before, she’s topless all the fucking time, and amazing…

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  • HorneyLohanWanker

    I am desperate to have that particular nipple between my teeth.

    Do you think it smells of cigarettes and regret?