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Pregnant Bitch Gets Rodney Kinged By the Cops of the Day

You can look at this from a few angles. The first is that cops are assholes and they assert force, usually unnecessary, and focus on the wrong issues, usually while breaking the laws themselves…but that’s a given, that’s why we call them PIGS and that’s why we hate them, they are fun killers….

Black people can look at this as Racial profiling, these white cops just have it out for black people, and they were such assholes they tackled a bitch…

Or you can see it for what it is, bitch and her friends caused a scene, whether pregnant or not, the cops came to diffuse situation, bitch attacked the cops despite being pregnant, and they tackled her, and now they are trying to milk it for all they can…calling it racial profiling, obviously, calling it unneccesary force, obviously, yet so many pregnant people, black and white, asian and indian….haven’t been tackled by the cops…these people deserve it.

I think she woulda been better off having a miscarriage, rather than an emergency C-Section, cuz people like this breeding is the fucking worst, and no not cuz they are black, but cuz they are ghetto as fuck and their kids will perpetuate that shit…provided it doesn’t get shot in a drive-by.

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  • Jackcon

    Typical savage monkey behavior. These are the blacks that make all blacks look bad.