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Did Lea Michele Kill Cory for a Teen Choice Award of the Day

I don’t know about you, but I think it’s pretty suspect that she’s thanking her dead Fiance, who she wasn’t with at the time of his death….who she didn’t save…because he was her fiancé for the sake of marketing their show and dying just made for a better storyline…Fiancés travel together

Is this a Courtney Love, leverage it to get yourself more famous because everyone with a soul, a group I am not part of, will assume you’re sincere and that your relationship was sincere, even though you’re an actor, and crying on command is part of the drill…and everything you’re a part of is a pile of bullshit…

Is it possible, that his dead was all for a teen choice award? It is vote based and they all love her right now….who knows the real truth…but I do know it’s a good storyline for next season of Glee…right?

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  • Travis

    She’s obviously loving all this attention.

    It’s funny cuz you know they’d have only lasted another 6 months anyway so it’s not that huge of a loss to her, although I’m sure she was pretty upset that he died, but whatever.
    Oh & when the media said that she was staying on Glee I laughed so hard.
    Obviously she’s not going to leave Glee until they push her out the fucking door…