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Paris Hilton Bikini for Instagram of the Day

Paris Hilton must be 45 years old now, but it’s nice to see she’s still putting in effort to get some level of attention, despite the whole Kim Kardashian winning at her own game against her, despite being fat….

You know, two rich girls who really don’t need to make themselves famous, but do anyway, through sex, because being famous is more fun than just having unlimited funds to finance their spoiled cunt behavior…

I was a fan of Paris falling off the map after years of being over exposed unnecessarily, and I am a fan of the fact that the paparazzi don’t even bother with anymore, and that the only people who actually care about her posting bikini pics are herself, and I guess me, because I’m posting this shit…but in my defence, I have a hard time letting go of the past and that’s why I am an alcoholic..

The good news, is that unlike that Kardashian, this party slut rich kid, isn’t fat….

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  • Chuck

    Paris still has the man hands and giant feet, though.