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Ashley Benson’s Slutty Photoshoot Continues of the Day

Ashley Benson is still milking this bad girl, Spring Breakers bullshit, because it is the only thing that put her on the fucking map….only this time she’s doing it for fashion magazine Nylon, that at one point in time was edgy, kinda like Harmony Korine…but I am sure this bitch doesn’t know that…She’s just milking the candy-coated, corporate and commercial version of those things, now that they have one thing in mind and that’s monetization…it’s the key to ruining anything that had anything good to offer the world…but at least they have her simulating sucking dick, even if this kind of behavior, as Miley always reminds us, is the new Disney behavior…thanks to people like Lohan who have made DUI’s and drug addictions the norm….and I’m not complaining, because the more sluts the merrier…I mean get them in when they are young, make crotchless panties the new top 40 and sign me the fuck up…

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