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Courtney Stodden Topless on Celebrity Big Brother UK of the Day

I am not sure what is more bottom feeding for a bitch to do, filming a sex tape that a handful of people will have interest in paying for because you don’t fucking matter and look like every other fake titty bitch who gets fucked on camera, you know hoping it propels a bitch to the kardashian level, or getting topless on Celebrity Big Brother UK, in a different market than she’s trying to get famous in….

I don’t have the answers, I think both are equally pathetic, but at least with a sex tape, I can masturbate to the anal scene, but I do know one thing, and that is that her tits are real fucking shitty.

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  • Wow

    I want to see her “husband”‘s face when he stares at this… Can you tell us more about this topless shot? I really dieee to know…

  • Errrrr

    I live in the UK and she probably would have been out of the house sooner only there were some twists and other shit that happened which unfortunately kept her in as long as she was. It wasn’t because people liked her.

  • Yawn

    That’s a lie. Tere were no twists that kept her in the house. She was up for eviction several times and was saved by the UK public. She left at the double eviction just prior to the finals. SE outlasted almost ten other housemates.

    She was very highly thought of by her housemates and your public. Initially she was misunderstood and thought to be completely vain and vacuous but she proved them wrong and won them over with her sweet disposition and maturity.

    And the other poster was right. Without all the makeup and amateurish posing she is quite attractive and sexy.