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Bar Refaeli for Some Jewish Magazine for the Jewish Holidays of the DAy

It’s the Jewish Holiday and what better way to wish all you Jewish people a happy holiday than by posting pics of one of your hottest posing in a jewish magazine proving she’s more jewish than you…while giving you masturbation fodder that will make your mom and bubby happy, knowing you’re not fucking with shiksas but rather a chosen one, who if you are rich enough, can magically turn from masturabtion fantasy to wife and mother of your Jewish babies, keeping the cycle of power alive…

Sure this isn’t the best use of her awesome tits, but she’s older now, and it’s a religious holiday, I mean what do you expect her to be doing, spreading her Leonardo DiCaprio stained twat…come on people…just accept this cheesy, cheap quality, straight from a Sears photo studio shit…it’s not like she’s an A-List fucking top model anymore…but rather a “take what she can get”…but she’s still got them tits.

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  • Jthunt

    You people are jealous of Bar that is why you are taking bad about her.