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Hayden Panettiere Poses With Average Sized Dude of the Day

Hayden Panettiere is substantially cuter when they throw her next to average sized people making her look like some kind of elf sent from heaven to give virgin nerds and homosexuals in the closet but who love broad shoulders something to masturbate to…it’s like this is the shit Santa built his little fucking sex palace in the middle of no where so he never got arrested for…elves you can both fuck who make your dick look huge, or use as a dildo when you want a P-Orgasm…multi-purposed…what can’t this bitch do…kinda thing…

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  • jamman

    She just needs a flatter skull so you can set your beer down.

  • ding dong

    Obviously, she had just twerked his jolly green junk with her bolt-ons. Just loogit this nymph – that thang is an echo chamber by now