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Houston Stripper has Miscarriage Twerking of the DAy

Twerking is fun and games until some ratchet ass famous stripper loses a fetus….

This Houston Stripper, who is actually a bit of a low level celebrity on the internet, had a miscarriage when twerking…and I find that fucking hilarious, because I have no soul, but also because the world doesn’t really need anymore fatherless kids who will grow up to be criminals…

Here’s the story:

Last Wednesday, as the young performer was reportedly twerking on stage, she began to bleed profusely.

When Blaze left the stage, witnesses allege, that she went in to a convulsion. The paramedics were immediately summoned, transporting her to the nearest emergency room, where she was reportedly given a transfusion.
The self-described “pole assassin” and proclaimed “Queen of Houston” was reportedly treated for a miscarriage.

That’s not to say strippers can’t be good moms, no wait…that is to say that…either way, here’s a Vine she posted…saying she’s sick…you know…cuz she just had a miscarriage….

I call publicity stunt…Here are some random pics of her

I know what you’re all thinkin’ if only Twerking made Miley suicide.

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  • Truthiness

    This story is actually several months old and after undergoing an examination it was found to be ONLY blood! The baby is fine and she should be to carry the child to full term. Needless to say, doctors have advised her to restrict her workload and she also will soon wed the father of the child. So you can lay your “fatherless criminal” worries to rest, dipshit!!

  • foetus

    when you say “restrict her workload” do you mean “lose weight and get an education?”

    you are right though, thanks to your updates based on personal knowledge, Jesus should change the title of this post to “Nasty, Black, Fat-Assed, Stripper Spontaneously Bleeds On Stage While Twerking….But Definitely Not From A Miscarriage Because That Would Be Racist, You Assholes”

  • irsage