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Alyson Hannigan in a Bikini of the Day

She wasn’t hot 10 years ago, so she’s sure as not hot now that she’s had a couple of kids…so rocking’ her bikini may not make sense to the average person…but at least she’s not fat…even if she’s disgusting..

She’s the bootleg Lindsay Lohan from the same era….who couldn’t get fucked by the cast of Buffy, except when they were drunk…

Apparently, no one has told her she’s got no fucking sex appeal, known for using a flute to masturbate and band camp while being the girl no one want to see masturabte…

Now in a bikini…YAY

To see the rest of the pics CLICK HERE

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  • cheds

    Why does she need to have sex appeal to put on a bikini or bathing suit and go enjoy herself at the beach? Maybe she’s just enjoying the sun and the water on her day off. Not everything has to revolve around sexiness all the time. You probably don’t impress very many people yourself.

  • Ashley Mo

    How sad of you to post something like this. She’s beautiful!

  • Elaina

    What on earth are you going on about? She is married to her former co-star that was on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, with whom she has two kids. She is a great actress, and you must have really been reaching to find something rotten to say about her. Why do you hate women so damn much? Jealous?

  • This blog is a dick boil

    I don’t like Alyson Hannigan (her acting is routinely shitty and she talks through her nose) but this post is a load of horseshit. She’s not bearing her ass on the cover of Maxim, she’s just going for a damn swim. It’s ok for a woman to just be normal. We don’t all try to be the object of every fat, greasy masturbating basement dwelling misogynist’s affection.

  • yup

    “She’s the bootleg Lindsay Lohan from the same era”
    i think you’re trying way way too hard.
    -and failing.

  • Rosarch

    She is awesome, go to hell.