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Joanna Krupa Ass Shot Selfie of the Day

Joanna Krupa may be the worst kind of bottom feeding hooker, who milked her communist escapee heritage for jobs early on in her career…like “I’m an immigrant” even though she was in America since she was 2….that lead to such high profile gigs as Maxim, FHM and a few promo model gigs for some shitty brands…until she turned 30 and realized, the end was near and she had to step it up or she’d remain a nobody a couple of mechanics may have jerked off to a few times, so she tricked Dancing with the Stars to bring her in as the pussy that makes the show tolerable for husbands forced to watch the shit…and that brought her to other reality shows…where she remains the same gold digging hooker bottom feeder she always was…but with more money and fame…even a household name in the worst part of town…but that doesn’t mean her selfie ass pics for attention on her internet profiles aren’t as amazing as they are when any girl, no matter how vile, puts shit like this out there…you can hate a bitch, think a bitch is garbage, or ugly, but when she starts posting selfies like this, you can’t really hate her, at least not for the 3 minutes you’re looking at the self produced shameless pic…cuz we like exhibitionist broken girls crying for attention..even when we hate them….

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